New pressure compensated actuators for subsea applications

A new product to complement maxon’s existing range of subsea thrusters is the pressure compensated actuators that can reach depths of up to 6,000m.

The specialised Aquatic Solutions Group within maxon recently launched a range of pressure compensated actuators to operate in depths to 6,000m. These are found in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs). maxon has a long history supplying DC motors, gearboxes and encoder solutions for applications made to operate within hostile environments, such as salt water, underground mining environments, in ROVs, gimbals/ drones flying at high altitudes in the air or in Satellites in outer space. These environments present many challenges such as shock and vibration, high and low temperatures and vacuum environments. maxon has worked with many different customers and invested in R&D to meet the requirements of these challenging conditions, producing thruster and actuators that are highly efficient and reliable. Many industries are moving away from hydraulic actuation towards electro-mechanical actuation. maxon offers both rotary and linear actuation solutions for the subsea sector. Rotary actuators could be DC motor only for high speed and low torque applications or motor gearbox combinations for lower speed and higher torque applications. Using maxon’s screw drive products there is also the potion to use linear actuators to suit a variety of speed and load applications such as propulsion, manipulators, grippers and fin actuation.

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