New high strength planetary gearbox for DC motors

The new Ultra Performance line of gearboxes in 42mm compliment the released 22mm and 32mm diameters and they are customisable to suit your application.

  • maxon has launched a larger 42mm ultra-Power gearbox

maxon has launched a larger 42mm ultra-Power gearbox. The stand out characteristic is the very high efficiency. By using needle bearings to support planetary components inside the gearbox, 96% efficiency can be achieved. By supporting all moving components with individual bearings the gearbox is much better suited for back driving. This is a particularly specific characteristic that enables servomotors to be used as generators when only low driving speeds are available. Servomotor generation applications using brushed or brushless DC motors by nature often require low losses and high power density. In a modular fashion the gearbox can be assembled with a large selection of maxon’s brushed DC motors, as well as the compact inrunner and outrunner brushless motors. These new UP gearboxes offer significantly longer service life, more power and torque, improved efficiency, reduction in heat generation and are lighter meaning less weight in the DC motor system. As a comparison with the existing 42mm ceramic planetary gearhead the torque capacity rises from 22Nm to 50Nm. Maximum efficiency rises from 90% to 96%. Additional support throughout increases radial load from 360N to 750N and axial load from 150N to 200N dynamically. The gearhead has a backlash reduction from 0.6° down to 0.3° and motor power throughput has doubled. Available gearhead reductions start at 3.9:1 single stage and continue through to 1135:1.

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