New brushless DC flat motors

maxon release the new 45mm diameter brushless DC motors – EC 45 power up.

Brushless DC motors, also known as BLDC motors, come in many shapes and sizes. The new 45mm power up motor is commonly called a flat motor or an outrunner motor. Here in Australia they are often referred to as pancake motors. maxon, who are known as producers of DC motors with extreme power density, have managed to take this recognition even further with the new DC drive range. Flat motors with the same dimensions previously achieved power ratings of up to 70W however, with new cooled rotor designs, this power output has been dramatically increased to 120W. Three base versions are available with options on cooling, DC winding characteristics (KV), Cooling options (closed, open and forced), cable and connector versions, hall sensor and sensorless versions. Plus a range of encoders and gear-heads to create a kit like system to build up a rotary actuator or servo system that specifically suits the application. Despite all motors having 18V, 24V, 36V and 48V there is no strict adherence to these levels required. With the need for ever increasing power levels from a set envelope of space. Engineers and machine builders regularly used these motors in overdrive. For example; the 24V 120W DC motor has a nominal speed of 4520 rpm. Using this motor with a brushless motor servoamplifer and a system voltage of 48V the motor can comfortably achieve 10,000rpm. The DC motors are available for order online now and also configurable for bespoke applications with the help of maxon motor Australia application engineers.

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