DC motor with radiation resistant encoder

Radiation resistant encoder for radiotherapy devices


maxon motor announces the release of a new encoder designed for integration with DC motors. The ENX GAMA encoders are a magnetic 2 channel encoder integrated into the non-drive end of maxon rare earth coreless DC motors, allowing for combined cabling and connector utilisation. Two sizes are available, 10mm and 13 mm. The 13mm encoder expands the motor section options from 13mm to 26mm diameter with both AlNiCo magnet and Rare Earth magnet DC motors. The DC motor and encoder combinations are designed for use in the vicinity of medical linear accelerators on equipment such as multi leaf collimators. They are resistant to ionizing radiation and can withstand doses of 500 krad (SIO2), tested with a Co60 radiation source of gamma radiation at 18 krad/h and a maximum radiation dose (TID) of 500krad. The 10mm encoder has a length of 8mm and a resolution of 12 counts per turn. An environmental operating range of -20 to +105C and a typical current draw of 10mA on a 5V supply. It has a weight of less than 5 grams. Lengths for the motor and encoder cable can be adjusted with online configuration tools from 50 to 500mm. The 13mm GAMA encoder has 16 counts per turn for use with maxon motor controllers and a length between 7 and 9mm depending on the combined motor selection. Engineering assistance is available for application selection. maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

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