A new compact multi-axes controller from zub and maxon motor

maxon and zub machine control release a new self-contained controller that is ideal for programming autonomous robots or warehouse logistics.

  • zub machine control AG and maxon introduce the MiniMACS6, the next generation in the MACS controller family

zub machine control AG and maxon introduce the MiniMACS6, the next generation in the MACS controller family. In the past, positioning control over several axes often requires the coordination of several motor controllers which in turn gives corresponding space, design and communication protocol challenges. maxon and zub developed a multi-axis controller system (MACS) achieving closed loop control for positioning and a synchronisation function for up to 32 axes. MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10 is the starting point to control up to 4 axis and can be expanded by modules. The controller has inbuilt power amplifiers for four brushless DC motors, six DC brushed motors or three stepper motors up to 50 volts and 10 AM per channel. Its reduced size provides versatility making it suitable to control complex, compact and autonomous devices, such as autonomous robots, laboratory automation devices or shuttle systems found in warehouse logistics. A key feature that sets the miniMACS apart is the optional capacity to be programmed using the APOSS automation software in combination with the license free motion control library. The design of the integrated bus interface allows for efficient data exchange with higher level controllers. Moreover, the true power of the MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10,is the capacity to run complete sequences autonomously, without the need of PLC or PC. APOSS allows for the development of self-contained, comprehensive applications that are well structured and maintenance friendly. It has the power to create programs using hierarchical state machines that can be processed in parallel with each other.

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