The new IDX compact drive with integrated positioning controller.

Compact drives

The compact brushless EC-i motor combined with an EPOS4 positioning controller delivers a highly dynamic, powerful drive package with field-oriented control (FOC), high efficiency, and maintenance-free components in a high-quality industrial housing. The maxon IDX drives are suitable for use across the entire speed range (from standstill to maximum speed) and have an extremely high overload capability. Together with a positioning controller, the integrated sensor (single turn) enables absolute positioning.

A maintenance-free positioning drive with proven components.

Design of the drive

This drive with iron core winding is available with encoder and temperature sensor on the winding. The porsition/speed controller is available for this drive as an integrated version (installed directly in the drive). The motor can also be configured so that it can be operated via an external motor controller. The hight-quality design has IP 65 protection rating, only the output shaft must be sealed by the customer. The motor stand out for its hight max. continuous torque, outstanding efficiency and unsurpassed service life.

Technical Data

  • Size 56/70 mm
  • Nominal Speed: 2424 to 6000 rpm
  • Max. torque: 775 to 8602 mNm
  • Nominal Torque: 393 to 3167 mNm
  • Nominal Voltage: 24/48/60 VDC
  • +VCC: 12 to 60 VDC
Compact drives

The brushless IDX compact drive with an integrated EPOS4 positioning controller offers auto tuning as standard, has more power, short lead times, and complies with IP65 protection.

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The brushless IDX compact drive with an integrated EPOS4 positioning controller offers auto tuning as standard, has more power, short lead times, and complies with IP65 protection

Wide range of applications.

Very compact size with a large functional scope for systems with an operating voltage from 12 to 48 VDC: The new maxon compact drives fully cover this requirement. They are extremely flexible for use in industrial, robotics, and logistics applications with the most stringent of requirements, such as autonomous transport systems. Find a few interesting articles to read, or even more on this blog page.

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