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For more than twenty years, maxon’s drive technology has been driving the Mars rovers on the Red Planet. Today, hundreds of drive systems can be found in modern long-haul aircraft. Back here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components or sophisticated technical systems for passenger aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts and even unmanned aerial vehicles. maxon guarantees the unrivaled quality of its efficient, reliable and powerful drive systems for the aerospace industry. maxon has been EN 9100 certified (equivalent to AS 9100) since 2012. This standard was created especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry. In our in-house laboratories, we test our drives for resistance to vibration, shock, cold, heat and vacuum.

The name maxon is synonymous with customized precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees the highest Swiss standards all over the world. Our dedicated aerospace team assists customers with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects.

maxon engineers have used the knowledge they have gained from numerous special projects, such as the drives for the Mars missions, to other aerospace projects and have further developed this expertise for serial production. Our state-of-the-art technology and extensive laboratory tests make this possible. We never stand still. We are forever expanding the possibilities of aerospace technology, whether for passenger spacecrafts, helicopters or spacecrafts.



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Today, hundreds of drive systems are installed in modern medium- and long-haul aircraft. Due to stricter quality standards and the need for maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance components, electric actuators are increasingly replacing hydraulic or pneumatic systems in aviation. Electric actuators can be found in countless on-board systems, such as air-conditioning systems, where they ensure pleasant temperatures and fresh air. Many small valves and actuators, primarily brushless flat motors, are used to control oxygen and pressure levels. maxon drive systems also play an important role in aircraft control systems, such as the autopilot systems for controlling flight altitude and the autothrottle system.


  • Aircraft control systems: actuators for small control surfaces, emergency fuel shut-off valve, fly-by-wire control systems, flaps, air-conditioning system
  • On-board communication and cabin equipment: actuators for antennas, window shade systems, power seat adjustment, toilet flushing, locking devices for overhead baggage compartments

Space travel

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maxon drive systems have been part of numerous research missions, such as expeditions to Mars, the moon or deep space. On Mars, maxon drives have driven several rovers and withstood the harsh conditions there. Our products are continually used in satellites, space probes, the ISS and space labs. The collective knowledge we have gained from all these missions benefits our customers on Earth, who rely on our rugged mass-produced drive components and systems.


  • Drives for rocket engine valves, solar array drive and deployment. Actuators for docking and separating systems
  • Mission-specific mechanisms for research spacecraft and robotic probes, in particular for the Moon and Mars

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Unmanned aerial vehicles

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Unmanned vehicles require reliable components and, above all, energy-efficient drives that ensure the longest possible uptime. maxon DC motors meet these requirements without difficulty. Unmanned aerial vehicles enable dangerous missions, such as flying in disaster areas. maxon engineers transfer their knowledge from custom projects to other projects, whether actuators in passenger planes or stabilizers in unmanned aircraft. We have the knowledge and experience.


  • Infrastructure: actuators for docking, servicing, starting and landing systems, robotic systems for maintenance work
  • Payload mechanisms: control surface actuators, electro-optics, gimbal and load drives, winch and load locking mechanisms
  • Drive systems consisting of an optimized combination of motor, controller and propeller for multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft


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Benefit from our expertise

  • Semi-automated production in accordance with EN 9100 certification
  • Transfer of custom solutions to serial production
  • Test systems for drives under real ambient conditions
  • Dedicated aerospace specialists who support customers from the specification phase to start of production and beyond
  • maxon helps customers define the project scope, taking into account technology, costs and time
  • Fast delivery of solutions based on existing commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS)

Popular products

maxon DCX motor

maxon DCX motors and gearheads feature impressive power density, and their rugged design makes DCX motors a highly dynamic drive for almost any application. The DCX 22 is a champion among maxon's brushed DC motors. It is easy to configure online and features incredible power and energy efficiency, which can be crucial for battery-operated applications. For space missions, the servomotor is often reinforced so that it can survive brutal vibrations and impacts.

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BLDC frameless flat motors

The frameless DC motor kits consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motor shaft. With an outer diameters of only 45 to 90 mm, they are extremely compact. Their flat design, high torque and plenty of space for cable glands allow for maximum integration with your application.

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maxon brushless DC EC-4pole 32 HD

maxon's heavy duty motor product range is specially designed for extremely harsh operating conditions and temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. The maxon EC-4pole 32 HD is ideal for use in environments that are subject to extreme temperatures, heavy vibrations or ultra-high vacuum. As a result, these motor systems can be used in a variety of aerospace applications, such as for gas turbine starters, for the generators of jet engines, for regulating combustion engines, or for exploration robots. The motors are often used in conjunction with gearheads. For this application, maxon offers the GP 32 HD, a powerful and robust planetary gearbox.

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Our project management team is goal-oriented and driven

Our motivated aerospace team loves challenging projects and close interaction with customers. maxon helps customers define the appropriate project scope, taking into account technology, costs and time. Development projects involve dedicated aerospace project managers who support our customers from the specification phase to production launch. We use our EN 9100-certified project process, which follows commonly accepted aerospace standards. Project managers strive to offer our customers flexibility and proactive information.


maxon is certified in accordance with ISO standard 9100 for the aerospace industry and is well versed in the RTCA DO-160/178/254 and MIL-810 industry standards. In addition, we comply with complex regulatory requirements when designing a motor system such as international export control regimes.

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What customers say about us:

The team understands our requirements and is very quick to implement design changes. It feels good to be involved in the entire cycle, from design to production to testing. That makes things extremely interesting. And when the system moves for the first time, it's like watching your baby take her first steps.

Gabriel Ybarra, Project Manager /Chief Engineer, SENER group


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