maxon motors for better door security.

RL safe doors rely on maxon brushed DC gear motors for their security locking mechanism.
There are around 5.5 million burglaries carried out globally each year. This equates to over ten every minute on average. Motor actuated security door systems greatly reduce the risk of house break in’s. The RL safe doors company manufacture high security door locking systems that make any door burglar proof.

The front door is the typical access point for most burglars. The reason for this is because that apart from windows, the front door is normally the easiest and weakest point. In order to overcome this problem, RL Safe doors have developed heavily armoured security doors with a high security motor driven lock mechanism. For over 25 years RL safe doors have been a leading manufacturer of security mechanisms. They produce a patented mechanism that locks the door from both sides with a guillotine action [see video] which substantially increases the door security. The systems contain a substantial steel block, and solid hinges welded to the door and the door frame. Optional features include key-card, fingerprint locks and sensor activated screens. The screen and door features can be monitored by smartphone and also allow the user to control the door functions.

The motor driven lock is the crucial component in the high-security mechanism and the RL safe door  patented motor driven locks use high quality maxon DC motors and gearboxes. maxon DC motors have been commissioned to drive the locks since 2002. The small DC motors a cleverly used to actuate the mechanism. For example, the DC gear motor actuates the lock mechanism when the occupants leave without the need to use a key. When the door is pulled closed from the inside the motor will lock the door automatically. Then, when leaving again, the motor will unlock the mechanism when the occupant moves the handle.

High quality small dc gear motors for lock systems.
RL safe door use a maxon motor in every security door. A DC motor is used in combination with a planetary gearhead. It is a brushed DC motor, the A-max 22mm 6W fitted to a 22mm GPA series planetary gearhead. Each motor operates at 6740rpm.The Amax DC motor utilises AlNiCo permanent magnets and a cogging free ironless winding. The DC motors low interference and complete lack of magnetic cogging torque make it particularly suitable for security applications.

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