DC motors, when every millisecond counts.

maxon DC servo motors execute the gear shifting processes for Campagnolo.
Time trial and Triathlon racing is becoming more popular every day. New and Innovative  technical advancements like the electronic drivetrain system are desirable additions for the athlete. Campagnolo has spent many years developing the electronic power shift (EPS) system with the help of dynamic maxon DC motors.

The Vuelta a España race is 3282 kilometres long and is completed over three weeks. It is amongst the three “Grand Tours” including the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. Alberto Contador (STB) wins the final stage with the assistance of an electronic drivetrain from manufacturer Campagnolo.

It was as long ago as 1992 when the cycling company initiated the development project for the electronic drivetrain. Campagnolo's electronic drivetrain which today is called Campagnolo EPS, underwent a design cycle with six planning phases and every phase revealed critical technological innovations. maxon began their involvement in 1994 and after three years, the ground-breaking result of a motor driven shift mechanism was released. The design of the shift mechanism underwent numerous technical changes to the derailleur and encoder in addition to customisation of the bicycle. There was also an entire development of a new mechanism to take the system from 10 speed to 11 speed.

Finally during November 2011, the complete motor drive EPS system was introduced for sale. The system contains all the wiring , drive mechanism, electronics, shift lever and a rechargeable battery. Brushed DC motors from maxon are used in both the rear shift mechanism and at the front derailleur. To make it suitable for modern frames yet another re-design was necessary.
High levels of customisations were made to the DC motors also. Attention was paid to miniaturising the rear mechanism and achieving fine tuning of the electronics to gain the desired dynamics and precision. The EPS enables the highest shifting accuracy and speed creating faster shift times more accurate adjustment. It is possible to switch through eleven gears in only 1.5s taking you from the smallest to the largest gear with a single click.

DC motor of central importance.
The brushed maxon DC motors need to be both small and strong. For Campagnolo, maxon made detailed customisations to rare earth (RE) motors and gearheads. A DC motor with an integrated single stage gearbox is used on the rear shift mechanism. The gearmotor also needs to be able to cope with the extreme conditions encountered in the application. 

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