Brushless DC motors power air cushion systems.

Achieving the pinnacle of relaxation in aviation, Swiss company Lantal designed the air cushion system. This product supersedes the traditional foam supports with motor controlled pneumatic chambers. Small powerful maxon brushless flat motors (pancake motors) facilitate pressurising the sections with air.

International flights can be very arduous for travelers. Aircraft seats offering superior levels of comfort are therefore highly preferred. Lantal, a Swiss textile manufacturer, produce a pneumatic comfort system filled with air chambers. Pneumatic cushioning provides superior comfort levels in sleeping and sitting arrangements. It automatically senses the passenger's body shape and pneumatically adjusts the chambers to adapt to the different postures of the passenger. The softness of the cushion is independently controllable. This highly flexible system eliminates any pressure points.

The system has demonstrated effectiveness with over ten million flying hours over a three year period and on twenty seven aircraft. All Swiss International Air long distance business and first Class seats from 2009 have used the system. Recently many other carriers have also adopted the pneumatic system. Inbuilt massagers increase the relaxation levels even further for passengers. The air cushion system also saves costs because it is also up to 5kg lighter than standard foam cushions.

making the pressure perfect are maxon brushless motors.

Every airline air cushion unit is fitted with a maxon brushless DC motor. An electronically commutated (EC) 45mm flat motor powers a vane pump. Filling and adjusting the air chambers, each person can infinitely adjust from soft to firm settings. There are also adjustable lumbar supports that contain programmable massage routines. Additionally a major benefit is that the pneumatic systems have a longer life than ordinary seats. The small brushless motors in the comfort system have 30 watt rated power weighing only 75 grams each which is a critical factor for airlines. maxon DC motors are used because of their power density and additionally for reliability and accuracy.

The comfort system is also sought after for very unique aircraft. Lantal are a supporter and official supplier of the Solar Impulse Project of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.

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